Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On Demand Writing

In the quote " Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall." spoken by Confucius the idea illustrates ambition and courage of strength. its stating that even though one may reach their destination of accomplishment, its not the result of their success however its the progress of their effort to reach their destination. Even though one may not experience the feeling of success but they will receive the priceless gift of respectful.

My experience of being in foster care is being illustrated through this quote. I have gone through events that have brought me to unsuccessful achievements. I begin to fail in a social life and my academics status was low. others begin to wonder if i would become a success in life. once i began to get my act together, my success begin to increased. i was less stressed and full of happiness. i put in more effort and less laziness. my attitude changed in to a more positive rather than a negative perceptive on life. Being in foster care, others assume that I'm a problem child however because of my situation. i am equally or more successful than a "normal" child.

One's success is reflected through the steps and effort that they choose to make. even though one might fall into a situation that they may become discourage, they should at least try yo put the puzzle pieces back together. a person should try to overcome their circumstances rather than to give up without a try.

There will always be competition in the real world. One can have advantages over another. However, it is up to the disadvantage to strive to achieve their goals. The importance is not the outcome of the success but the courage and dignity that one contains throughout the progress over another however its the attitude and potential that will gain the respect of others.

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ashley S5 said...

I choose this to represent my on demand writing because even though i did not have as much time i did with my other essays I consider this a very good outcome. I recieved a four but feel as though I could have done better and still proud of this writing piece.