Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Perfect Storm Inspired By

I created a booklet that indicates the event of the “Perfect Storm” that took place in October of 1991. The storm is also nicknamed the Halloween Storm. The storm was located in Gloucester, Massachusetts that came from off the coast of Nova Scotia. This storm was later then publicized through writing and a Hollywood movie named the perfect Storm. The storm was created through the energy of three storms that combined to create one enormous storm that would later fall into a historical event. A week before the storm took place a ship named the Andrea Gail left the cost of Gloucester to explore the seas and headed for the fishing grounds off the North Atlantic. Little did the know that 6 of their man wearing sailing in to their death. The Perfect Storm was filmed in 2000 and directed by Wolfgang Peterson and sponsored by Warner Bros. the movie was inspired by the book written by Sebastian Junger and later translated through the words of William D. Wittliff. The concept of the movie was influenced through the lives of those who lived in Gloucester and the tragedy that took place upon their lives. The movie stared the actors and actresses, George Clooney- Captain Billy Tyne, Mark Wahlberg- Bobby Shatford, Diane Lane- Christina Cotter, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio- Linda Greenlaw. Captain Billy Tyne was the captain of the Andrea Gail. He was a divorced father of two daughters who is determined to make one last fishing trip before the end of the season to make up for a poor catch. He was in desperation for money. Bobby Shatford was the youngest and most inexperienced of the crew. Christina 'Chris' Cotter is the girlfriend of Bobby Shatford. She did not want Bobby to go based on her instincts of fear. Dale Murphy was a veteran fisherman who was divorced who had an on going antagonism with David Sullivan, who signed for the trip on short notice. The film is a true account of the courageous men and women who risk their lives every working day, pitting their fishing boats and rescue vessels against the forces of nature. Through out the booklet I placed pictures that symbolized the characters and the important characterizes that make up Gloucester. On the first page is an image of the movie and the ship going in the waves of the storm. The image indicates the struggling of the ship to survive against the strong currents of the storm. This gives the viewer a visual of how strong the storm was and how powerful it came to the sea. In the booklet I show a map that will indicates the location of Gloucester and the size that it contains. I also give an image of how the storm looked like in a weather reporter. This gives an intense emotion of how much the storm was impacted by its size. I did my research based on the storm and the main characters of those six who died on the Andrea Gail who is also nicknamed the Lady Grace. Gloucester’s culture is influenced through their survival of being a fisher man. Their history contains commercial fishing. This is displayed through the last image of the booklet.

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ashley S5 said...

I posted this based on my experience when I went to Glouster to visit my niece and my sister. I loved the environment it was beautiful and peaceful and i was so happy to write about it and to watch the movie.